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Save 52%
25mm H Way Deep Junction Box

25mm H Way Deep Junction Box

$5.00  $2.42
Save 19%
Solder 40/60 1.6mm 500g Roll

Solder 40/60 1.6mm 500g Roll

$30.00  $24.20
Save 49%
13w T5 Daylight 6500k Tube

13w T5 Daylight 6500k Tube

$5.00  $2.53
Save 36%
7 Hole Neutral Link 100Amp   Black

7 Hole Neutral Link 100Amp Black

$5.00  $3.19
Save 48%
DL 3 POLE 80amp Main Switch   MS380

DL 3 POLE 80amp Main Switch MS380

$20.00  $10.45
Save 32%
Sparkelec 35Amp Mech   S35A White

Sparkelec 35Amp Mech S35A White

$13.00  $8.80
Save 5%
100mm Y Fitting   METAL

100mm Y Fitting METAL

$30.00  $28.60
Save 45%
36w T8 Daylight 6500k Tube

36w T8 Daylight 6500k Tube

$4.00  $2.20
Save 22%
NHP Single Phase 100amp Main Switch

NHP Single Phase 100amp Main Switch

$15.84  $12.32
Save 49%
20mm Y Way Shallow Junction Box

20mm Y Way Shallow Junction Box

$3.00  $1.54
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We’re a leading switchboard supplier New Zealand that help you in maintaining the adequate balance in current flow to ensure safety. As a switchboard supplier New Zealand, we take every precaution to avoid faulty product and pay due attention to the design. Our switchboard products are tested before dispatch to meet our quality standards before you install them inside your premise. With AGM Electrical Supplies, you can expect quality products with the element of durability and economic price. AGM Electrical Supplies is in the business for a long time and this experience has allowed us to experiment with our product quality for adding innovation and long-lasting performance. As the switchboard supplier New Zealand, we have introduced different other electrical and lighting products that play an important role in redesigning your lifestyle. AGM Electrical Supplies has been a sound provider of variable electrical to wholesalers, retailers, and individuals that have a variable demand for products of such nature. We’ve pledged to supply quality products in the market that meet the needs of a wider group of users. Our reach is not just limited to one city as we aspire to benefit more people that are in need of the reliable switchboard suppliers New Zealand.

When it comes to refreshing your decor, light switch covers and Switch Boards Australia can make a dramatic difference in a room, sprucing up your switches with whatever design takes your fancy. There’s something to outfit all interiors and tastes among our variety range – from neutral screw, less light switch covers which provide a chic finish, to attractive polished brass perfect for traditional and elegant homes. As well as a considerable range of colors and styles, our light switch covers also come in different sizes. You’ll find everything from big-and-chunky rocker switches to space-saving single switches in our collection. Browse the line-up of light switch covers and mounting blocks at AGM Electrical Supplies and find the right one to suit your home.

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